Low Risk Defensive Driving Course

TISC’s Low Risk Defensive Driving Course prepares the driver for the many challenges and risks faced on public roads. It is no longer adequate to just be a “defensive” driver.

As cars and trucks become more powerful and traffic levels become increasingly congested, today’s driver need to be able to “actively” identify and manage the many risks they face while driving. Whether you just got your licence and are adjusting to being on the road for the first time, or you are simply looking for a refresher, your whole approach to driving will benefit from this course.

We are able to train and conduct assessments in all licence classes from light rigid to multi-combination. We also offer individual and personalised training and assessment services.


Course Details

For company or fleet drivers, this course will help to minimise their exposure to the risks of driving while on the job. Road crashes are one of the most common cause of work related deaths and injuries in Australia. Preparing commercial drivers for the risks face at the workplace while driving is an important part of any WH&S strategy.

Our one (1) day entry level Low Risk Defensive Driving Course is only the start of a holistic driver training program. Inquire about our 2 and 3 day programs which can be fully tailored to suit any workplace driving environments.

*Please note this is a non-accredited course and is therefore not nationally recognised.

Learning Outcomes