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Licence to drive a heavy rigid vehicle

NSW Heavy Rigid (HR)


As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Transport Industries Skills Centre Inc. (TISC) is qualified to conduct heavy vehicle truck licence training and assessment on behalf of both the ACT and NSW Governments. Our facilities and fleet is located at the Sutton Road Training Centre with everything in one place to help you get your truck licence. Training and Assessments are delivered one-on-one with the trainer so students receive high quality training that can be customised to meet the students’ various needs.

The following course information is specifically for the Heavy Rigid (HR) licence class issued in NSW.

There are different course information pages for other vehicle classes and ACT licences.

What do I need to apply for an HR licence?

You must –

*NSW licence holders are required to complete a new Driver Knowledge Test even if they already hold a heavy vehicle driver licence in a smaller class and only want to upgrade their licence.

The HVCBA has a training element and an assessment element called the Final Competency Assessment

The Final Competency Assessment is the final practical test you must complete at the end of your HVCBA training.  Your trainer and assessor will be 2 different people.

In order to pass the assessment, you must demonstrate the skills you have learned in your HVCBA training and show that you can operate a heavy vehicle safely.

Once you pass this assessment, the assessor will submit your results to Transport for NSW and keep your log book.

You can then attend a service centre in person to upgrade or obtain your new heavy vehicle licence.

HR Course Content

    • Criteria 1 – Pre-operational check
    • Criteria 2 – Cabin drills
    • Criteria 3 – Start, move off, shut down and secure
    • Criteria 4 – Manage steering
    • Criteria 5 – Manages gears
    • Criteria 6 – Manages brakes
    • Criteria 7 – Manages accelerator
    • Criteria 8 – Create and maintain crash avoidance space
    • Criteria 9 – Protect crash avoidance space
    • Criteria 10 – Road rules and directions
    • Criteria 11 – Reversing
    • Criteria 12 – Hill stop/start
    • Criteria 13 – Load securing
    • Criteria 14 – Bus stop procedure (if course is conducted in a bus only)

What is a Heavy Rigid vehicle?

  • A rigid motor vehicle with 3 or more axles and a gross vehicle mass (GVM) over 8 tonne.
  • An articulated bus with 3 or more axles and a GVM over 8 tonne.
  • A motor vehicle that is towing a single trailer with a GVM not over 9 tonne.

However, this class does not cover a motor vehicle that is towing:

  • 2 or more trailers; or
  • a single trailer with a GVM over 9 tonne.

What is a Heavy Rigid Licence?

This licence class is applied to vehicles such as trucks and buses.

If you’ve held a (C) class driving licence for at least 24 months, you could  upgrade your driver licence to a heavy rigid licence and further your career in the transport industry.

Completing the course will give you a class HR licence which will allow you to drive automatic and synchromesh manual vehicles or a vehicle with a non-synchromesh gearbox.  You will be able to safely drive a vehicle with 3 or more axles with a GVM of more than 8 tonnes, including a truck or bus and to pull a trailer with a weight of up to 9 GVM (and within gross combination mass limits).  Meeting the necessary HR licence requirements means you will be able to legally drive and operate a variety of vehicles used in the transport industry – increasing your skills and employability.

If you complete the course in a vehicle with a synchromesh gearbox, “Condition B” will appear on your licence, enabling you to drive trucks with and automatic and synchromesh gearbox.  You will however not be allowed to drive Class HR vehicles with a Non-Synchromesh gearbox (also sometimes referred to as a Crash box).

If you complete the course in a vehicle with a non-synchromesh gearbox, you will obtain an unrestricted HR licence.

What is the difference between a Synchromesh and a non-Synchromesh gearbox?

Synchromesh gearbox

A synchromesh gearbox is a manually operated transmission in which a change of gears takes place between gears that are already revolving at the same speed. It is often claimed that a synchromesh gearbox requires less effort to change gears.  These gear boxes have 8 forward gears with a low range and a high range lever.

Gears 1 to 4 are in low range with 5 to 8 in high range. The range change is made with the movement of a small lever located at the front of the gear lever at the appropriate time.

 Non-Synchromesh gearbox

The non-synchromesh gear box is sometimes referred to as a crash box and these gearboxes come in a 9, 13, 15 or 18 speed, depending on the truck.  The gearbox in our truck is an Eaton Fuller 18 Speed, with a low and high range lever as well as a gear splitter which enables the driver to use half gears.

When using half gears the gear changing technique changes from double clutching to a single clutch movement and the gear lever is moved in and out of the same gear position or to the next full gear position, but more on that as you progress through the course.

What makes this gearbox different is that the driver has to match the road speed (KM) and engine speed (revs) to enable a gear change to take place. These gearboxes require more driver input to ensure that you are able to change gears smoothly or at all. For every gear change the clutch is used twice, hence the term double clutching.

It takes an average of approximately 20 hours before someone is competent in the use of a non-synchromesh gear box due to the complexities in operating this gearbox.  Training sessions are recommended in 2 hour or 4 hour slots.


Resources for this licence class –

Practice Knowledge test


Knowledge Test Question bank


Guide to Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment


Heavy Vehicle Driver Handbook

Heavy Vehicle Drivers Handbook (nsw.gov.au)

Road User handbook


Load Restraint Guide


Course Details
  • All pricing includes GST
  • Full payment must be made at time of booking
  • NSW students must complete a minimum of 5 hours training for a synchromesh gearbox and 6 hours training for a non-synchromesh gearbox before attempting a heavy rigid assessment.
Licence Class 2 hour Training
Own Vehicle / TISC
Own Vehicle / TISC
One Day Course*
Own Vehicle / TISC
Heavy Rigid Synchromesh $460 / $485 $485 / $520 $1695 / $1815
Heavy Rigid Non-Synchromesh $485 / $520 $520 / $545 Not applicable

The one day courses run from 8:00am until 5:00pm, alternatively, individual training and assessment sessions can be booked in the following time blocks:

  • 8:00am – 10:00am
  • 10:15am – 12:15pm
  • 1:00pm – 3:00pm

In the first training session, students must complete a pre-departure check, load restraint and cabin controls before they can commence the practical driving component. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the course commencing to complete the relevant paperwork.

Heavy Rigid Synchromesh gearbox – Students that have no experience in driving a heavy rigid vehicle often require more than 6 hours of training before attempting the assessment.  We suggest a minimum of an initial 2 hour training session prior to attempt the one day course of 6 hours training followed by the assessment.

Heavy Rigid Non-Synchromesh gearbox – This is quite a challenging gearbox to operate and students take an average of 10 x 2 hour training sessions to be deemed competent in operating this gearbox.  As a result, students are recommended to only book 2 – 4 hours of training at a time and then book an individual assessment when confident.

Combination of theory and one-on-one practical training

All students must –

  • Have a moderate level of English language.  A language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment might require completion prior to enrolment.
  • Be confident in driving a manual vehicle.
  • Have held a current driver licence (provisional licence accepted) for a minimum of 2 years .
  • Be a minimum of 19 years old.
  • Have completed a Driver Knowledge Test from a Transport for NSW Centre prior to enrolling in any heavy vehicle training or assessments. Students can complete this at the Queanbeyan Service Centre (13 77 88).
  • Obtain the Competency Based Assessment logbook from a Transport for NSW Centre.
  • Pass an Eyesight Test 
  • Have a completed TISC Enrolment Form e-mailed to office@suttonroad.com.au together with your driver licence and knowledge test to complete the full enrolment process or complete the enrolment at the bottom of this page.  During the online enrolment process, you will be asked to upload your driver licence and knowledge test so please have this ready.

*NSW licence holders are required to complete a new Driver Knowledge Test even if they already hold a heavy vehicle driver licence in a smaller class and only want to upgrade their licence.

  • Current driver licence
  • Competency Based Assessment logbook provided by a Transport for NSW Centre
  • Students are required to bring their own lunch; however fast food outlets are located in Queanbeyan if you prefer to purchase it. A fridge, microwave, tea, coffee and biscuits are provided.
  • Enclosed shoes and comfortable clothing suitable for the expected weather
  • High visibility vest (We can provide you with one on the day)
  • Additional items depending on the weather such as a hat, sunscreen or rain jacket where required.

If you want to use your own vehicle, please note the following:

  • Someone who is licenced to drive this class will need to accompany you or bring and collect the vehicle.
  • Your vehicle must be ACT or NSW registered. (It cannot be federally registered)
  • Must be 75% loaded – this load cannot be dangerous goods, livestock, or fluid (excludes busses) – we will require a weighbridge ticket.
  • Must have two or more seats, all fitted with full seatbelts.
  • We will require a copy of your vehicle registration papers with your enrolment forms.

The course is assessed with a practical demonstration that meets the Transport for NSW heavy vehicle licensing assessment requirements. There is no written or verbal assessment conducted on this course. There is no guarantee that students will pass the assessment and if they are found to be ‘Not Yet Competent’, they need to enrol in another individual assessment at a later date and pay the associated fee.

Students who are found competent will not be licenced to drive a Heavy Rigid vehicle yet. You first need to present the appropriate documentation provided by the TISC Assessor to a Transport for NSW Centre. The course price does not include the cost for issuing a new driver licence.

As the assessment for this course is regulated, we are unable to RPL or credit transfers for students. Students with existing experience driving a heavy vehicle can complete a reduced amount of training but will still have to complete the practical assessment.

Students have a right to appeal any assessment decision. A student wanting to make a complaint or appeal will need to complete the Assessment Complaints and Appeals Recording Form. Students can obtain a hard copy of the Assessment Complaints and Appeals Recording Form from reception or request it via email. 

In the event that TISC is unable to complete the delivery of any of the course, a full refund will be issued. 

As part of TISC’s obligation to the learner, we will ensure that all training is compliant with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) 2015.

A student’s driver licence, HVCBA logbook and course enrolment forms are required within 48-hours of making a booking. TISC does not accept any tentative bookings and will only confirm a student’s enrolment upon receipt of the driver licence, HVCBA logbook for HR, course enrolment forms and course payment.

COVID 19 Policy

Your co-operation in helping to keep the Sutton Road Training Centre free of COVID-19 is appreciated. If you are unwell and have any common COVID-19 symptoms you should not attend the Centre.


Cancellations made up to one week (7 days) prior to this course commencing will receive a full refund. Any cancellations made after this time will not be eligible for any refund.
Failure to attend training on the day will not result in a refund. TISC at their sole discretion may offer to rebook the student on a later course upon the presentation of a medical certificate for the course days that were missed.

We at located at 441 Sutton Road, Majura, ACT.  Our training facilities are located on the left side of the road, approximately 900m from the Sutton Rd/Pialligo Ave intersection. There is ample free onsite parking for students.

Make a booking

Before you can make a booking, we ask you to answer a few questions first so we can determine if you meet the course prerequisites. If you are eligible to enrol for this course, you will be directed to the booking page and you will require to upload the printed page with your details from your Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment Logbook (Knowledge Test) and Driver Licence.  Please ensure you have this ready to complete the booking.