441 Sutton Rd, Majura ACT 2609

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Mon - Fri 7:30am - 4:30pm


Anti-Skid Training Circuit

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Facility Details

The self-watering anti-skid training circuit at the Sutton Road Training Centre is the perfect training tool for loss of control situations. Duplicating real on-road conditions is not possible, but you can certainly simulate it. Learn how your vehicle behaves in the wet. Test out the stability control or ABS.  The Anti-skid training circuit has adjacent classrooms and a shaded observation area.

This anti-skid training circuit is commonly used for defensive driver training, advanced car control or corporate and team building activities.  Your goal is using the polished concrete defined track as your guide, however if you haven’t arrested a skid in time, you have the assurance of a rough textured outer edge to bring the skid back into control.