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10929NAT Course in Dangerous Goods Road Transport Emergency Recovery Operations

10929NAT – Dangerous Goods Road Transport Emergency Recovery Operations





This course is nationally recognised and students who successfully complete the course will obtain a Statement of Attainment with the Unit of competency.

Current regulatory requirements set out in Australian Dangerous Goods (DG) legislation place clear obligations on companies that transport dangerous goods.

It is a legal requirement that these companies have a Transport Emergency Response Plan (TERP) in place and that it is exercised on an annual basis. It is also necessary that staff who are involved in that plan have the appropriate training to undertake their role.

In response, Transport Industries Skills Centre Inc. (TISC) has developed a course that is designed to assist Dangerous Goods transport companies across Australia meet their legal obligations as well as enhancing their preparedness to respond to transport emergencies whatever the situation.

The program has the full support of Dangerous Goods industry peek bodies such as Canberra Regions Oil Industry Emergency Response Group (CROIERG), the National Bulk Tanker Association (NBTA) state Emergency Service agencies as well as the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC).

The course has been designed to develop the skills of Emergency Response Advisers, Specialist Responders, Response Team Members and/or Response Team Leaders who work for companies that move dangerous goods by road transport. The course deals specifically with petroleum products and those chemicals commonly transported in bulk by road such as fertilizer.

This intensive 3 day course deals with the practical planning and tasks that relate to the transport emergency incident itself and focuses on responding personnel who will perform the “at incident” recovery and containment.

The course comprises of the following elements:

  • Types of emergency incidents
  • Dangerous Goods tanker construction
  • Equipment used at an emergency incident
  • Dangerous Goods codes and regulations
  • Analysis of a response trailer
  • Equipment identification and how it is used
  • Product recovery operations
  • Minor leaks, static electricity etc
  • Demonstration of simulated product recovery operations
  • Simulated emergency incident using actual rollover tanker and associated equipment


Course Details
  • $2,318 per student
  • An additional ‘Development Fee’ of $250.00 is to be paid directly to CROIERG prior to the commencement of the course. Please contact Jessica Pulver on 0436276437 to arrange payment of the Development Fee.
  • All pricing is GST Free
  • Full payment must be made at time of booking


Three day course from 8:00am – 4:30pm (please arrive 15 minutes early on the first day).

A combination of theory in a classroom and outdoor practical training
NAT10929001 Plan initial company response to a dangerous goods road transport emergency
NAT10929002 Conduct recovery operations at a dangerous goods road transport emergency site
NAT10929003 Complete initial clean up and recovery operations at a dangerous goods road transport emergency site

All students must –

  • Have a moderate level of English language, literacy and numeracy. The assessment is written in English and a translator is not permitted in the assessment. A language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment might require completion prior to enrolment.
  • Have previous industry experience as they are required to provide us with third party reports from a manager and a fellow colleague from an external agency.
  • Have a completed TISC Enrolment Form with your Unique Student Identifier (USI) e-mailed to office@suttonroad.com.au together with your driver licence to finalise the full enrolment process or complete the enrolment at the bottom of this page.  During the online enrolment process, you will be asked to upload your driver licence so please have this ready.  A USI number can be obtained by logging on to www.usi.gov.au and is necessary to issue your Statement of Attainment on successful completion of the course.
  • One form of photo ID
  • It is recommended that you bring your company’s Transport Emergency Response Plans (TERPs) but this is not a compulsory requirement
Lunch is provided for this course. If you have any dietary requirements you must advise our office within a minimum of three working days prior to the course commencing. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided.
  • Enclosed shoes and comfortable clothing suitable for the expected weather.
  • High visibility vest. (We can provide you with one on the day)
  • Additional items depending on the weather such as a hat, sunscreen or rain jacket as part of the training is conducted outside

On the first two days knowledge is tested in the forms of both written learning activities during the classroom training and also in individual practical demonstrations. On the final day a full practical assessment is conducted. This is done by simulating a real life emergency incident. The assessment is conducted in groups as this is the most realistic way an incident would be dealt with in a real life situation. Although the final assessment is conducted in a group situation, we ensure the assessment is valid and fair by ensuring each student is assessed individually against each element of the assessment. Any students who are found to be ‘Not Yet Competent’ will be able to undertake a re-assessment at a later date and pay the associated fee.

Successful completion of this course is part of the application process for the ‘Emergency Responders Card’. The card is endorsed by Canberra & Regions Oil Industry Emergency Response Group Incorporated (CROIERG), National Bulk Tanker Association (NBTA) and the Australian Fire and Emergency Services Authority Council (AFAC). Once industry accreditation is received, the card is then issued by TISC. There are additional requirements when applying for an Emergency Responders Card and successful completion of this course does not guarantee a student will be approved when applying for a card. When students enrol into the course they will be provided with the application form for the Emergency Responders Card. Students that successfully complete the course will need to submit this form to TISC.

In the circumstance that a student has previously completed training or has skills and experience relating to this course, they will be eligible to apply for Recognised Prior Learning (RPL). We do warn that due to the high risk nature of this course and the requirement of a simulated training environment, the RPL process is quite rigorous and students are still required to complete the mandatory assessment kit. Credit transfers will not applicable for this course as TISC is the only Registered Training Organisation (RTO) licenced to deliver it and it is always delivered holistically.

Students have a right to appeal any assessment decision. A student wanting to make a complaint or appeal will need to complete the Assessment Complaints and Appeals Recording Form. Students can obtain a hard copy of the Assessment Complaints and Appeals Recording Form from reception or request it via email. 

In the event that TISC is unable to complete the delivery of any of the course, a full refund will be issued. 

As part of TISC’s obligation to the learner, we will ensure that all training is compliant with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) 2015. On successful completion of this course, all students will receive a statement of attainment which satisfies the requirements of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Quality Framework.

TISC does not accept any tentative bookings and will only confirm a student’s enrolment upon receipt of the driver licence, course enrolment forms and course payment.

COVID 19 Policy

Your co-operation in helping to keep the Sutton Road Training Centre free of COVID-19 is appreciated. If you are unwell and have any common COVID-19 symptoms you should not attend the Centre.


Cancellations made up to one week (7 days) prior to this course commencing will receive a full refund. Any cancellations made after this time will not be eligible for any refund.
Failure to attend training on the day will not result in a refund. TISC at their sole discretion may offer to rebook the student on a later course upon the presentation of a medical certificate for the course days that were missed.

We at located at 441 Sutton Road, Majura, ACT.  Our training facilities are located on the left side of the road, approximately 900m from the Sutton Rd/Pialligo Ave intersection. There is ample free onsite parking for students.

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