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FWPCOT3326 Recover 4 wheel drive vehicle

FWPCOT3326 Recover four wheel drive vehicle


This course is nationally recognised and students who successfully complete the course will obtain a Statement of Attainment with the Unit of competency.

The unit applies to individuals who recover four-wheel drive vehicles in a variety of work settings and industry sectors, including forestry, agriculture, construction, tourism and energy.

All work must be carried out to comply with workplace procedures, according to state/territory health and safety regulations, legislation and standards that apply to the workplace.

Individuals must hold a driver licence or a provisional driver licence prior to commencing this unit of competency.

Our subject matter experts can go to anywhere in Australia, to facilitate this course.  This skill set will be enhanced by obtaining the additional accredited one-day course FWPCOT3325 – Operate a 4WD Vehicle on Unsealed Roads.

In addition to our 4WD courses, we provide a weighing service for all your caravan and trailer requirements, and a nationally accredited Drive and Manoeuvre Trailers Course- AURTGA001 which provides participants the skills and knowledge required to drive and manouevre a caravan/trailer.

Course Details
  • $660.00per student
  • All pricing is GST Free
  • Full payment must be made at time of booking

One day course from 8:30am – 4:30pm.

A combination of theory in a classroom and outdoor practical training

The course is delivered covering the following elements:

1. Identify loads, ratings and equipment serviceability related to 4WD vehicle recovery

1.1 Determine the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) and estimate the recovery load on the vehicle using a recognised formula

1.2 Identify the rating and labelling of recovery gear

1.3 Identify rated recovery points on a vehicle

1.4 Determine the appropriate equipment to be used given the GVM, estimated recovery load and the equipment rating

1.5 Determine serviceability of recovery equipment required for task

2. Plan Recovery

2.1 Identify and follow work health and safety procedures, including selection and use of personal protective equipment relevant to recovery operations

2.2 Identify, assess and take actions to mitigate risks and hazards associated with recovery operations

2.3 Identify and implement workplace environmental protection procedures associated with recovery operations

2.4 Identify emergency procedures to follow in the event of accident or incident

2.5 Locate and survey site to determine recovery strategy and establishment of an exclusion zone

2.6 Inform appropriate personnel of location of vehicle to be recovered and recovery strategy

3. Perform kinetic rope or strap recovery

3.1 Establish and maintain communications with appropriate personnel during recovery operation

3.2 Establish when and by what means to start and stop the recovery

3.3 Lay out the kinetic rope/strap prior to recovery

3.4 Fit the kinetic rope/strap to an approved recovery point/device that is suitably rated for use with the strap

3.5 Demonstrate the joining of two kinetic ropes and/or straps

3.6 Identify where to place dampeners

3.7 Perform a safe recovery using the kinetic rope/strap

4. Perform winch recovery

4.1 Establish and maintain communications with appropriate personnel during recovery operation

4.2 Establish when and how to start and stop the recovery

4.3 Lay out all the equipment to be used, including the dampeners

4.4 Perform winch recovery using a single line pull

4.5 Perform winch recovery using a double line pull using a snatch block or pulley ring

4.6 Perform winch recovery using a change of direction pull using a snatch block or pulley ring

5. Use other recovery methods including use of tools and equipment

5.1 Use a spade for vehicle recovery

5.2 Use traction boards for vehicle recovery

6. Maintenance and inspection of 4WD recovery equipment

6.1 Clean, carry out operator maintenance, check serviceability and store recovery equipment after use according to manufacturer requirements

6.2 Record equipment maintenance according to workplace procedures


The key learning outcomes are:

  • Identify loads, ratings and equipment serviceability related to 4WD vehicle recovery
  • Plan 4WD vehicle recovery
  • 4WD vehicle recovery using kinetic rope or straps
  • Perform winch recover of 4WD
  • Use other recovery methods including use of tools and equipment
  • Maintenance and inspection of 4WD recovery equipment
FWPCOT3326 Recover Four Wheel Drive Vehicle

All students must –

  • Have a moderate level of English language, literacy and numeracy. The assessment is written in English and a translator is not permitted in the assessment. A language, literacy and numeracy assessment might require completion prior to enrolment.
  • Hold a current drivers licence. (Probationary Licence is accepted).
  • Have a completed TISC Enrolment Form with your Unique Student Identifier (USI) e-mailed to office@suttonroad.com.au together with your driver licence to finalise the full enrolment process.  A USI number can be obtained by logging on to www.usi.gov.au and is necessary to issue your Statement of Attainment on successful completion of the course.
  • Current Driver Licence
  • A registered, roadworthy 4WD.  
  • Sutton Road Training Centre has automatic and manual transmission 4WD’s with winches and recovery equipment if required. Please enquire through the office for further details.
Lunch is not provided on this course. A fridge and microwave are available for use by students. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided.
  • Suitable enclosed shoes and comfortable clothing suitable for the expected weather.
  • High visibility vest. (We can provide you with one on the day)
  • Additional items depending on the weather such as a hat, sunscreen or rain jacket as part of the training is conducted outside.
  • A registered, roadworthy 4WD.  
  • Please ensure your vehicle is clean and presentable.
  • Please contact our office if you do not have your own 4WD vehicle.

The assessment consists of practical demonstration and written theory exams. The practical demonstrations are assessed both onsite and offsite.  

All students can apply for RPL by contacting the office prior to the commencement of course. You will be required to complete an application form and you must be able to support your application with documentary evidence. Please be aware that there are costs associated with this form of assessment and that you may not be eligible to undertake RPL for your requested course due to regulatory requirements.

Students have a right to appeal any assessment decision. In the event of a student wanting to make a complaint or appeal they will need to complete the Assessment Complaints and Appeals Recording Form. Students can obtain a hard copy of the Assessment Complaints and Appeals Recording Form from Reception or requesting it via email.

In the event that TISC was unable to complete the delivery of any of the course, a full refund would be issued to all enrolled students.

As part of TISC’s obligation to the student, we will ensure that all training is compliant with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) 2015. On successful completion of this course, all students will receive a statement of attainment which satisfies the requirements of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Quality Framework.

TISC does not accept any tentative bookings and will only confirm a student’s enrolment upon receipt of your driver’s licence, course enrolment forms and course payment.

COVID 19 Policy

Your co-operation in helping to keep the Sutton Road Training Centre free of COVID-19 is required and appreciated. If you are unwell and have any common COVID-19 symptoms you should not attend the Centre.

Cancellations made up to one week (7 days) prior to this course commencing will receive a full refund. Any cancellations made after this time will not be eligible for any refund.
Failure to attend training on the day will not result in a refund. TISC at their sole discretion may offer to rebook the student on a later course upon the presentation of a medical certificate for the course days that were missed.

We at located at 441 Sutton Road, Majura, ACT.  Our training facilities are located on the left side of the road, approximately 900m from the Sutton Rd/Pialligo Ave intersection. There is ample free onsite parking for students.

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